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Timesavers 22 series Twin Belt 1100mm Wide Grindmaster

  • Offers solutions for deburring, edge rounding and finishing of steel, aluminium, stainless steel & alloy parts

  • Graining to a superior finish suitable for most high-end applications

  • We have a wide range of Grinding and Linishing machinery to suit all applications.

Grindmaster 22 Series.jpg

Dual Surface Finishing Machine

With the addition of our new Rumbler, we can now process small parts to remove all Burrs on edges, holes and cut-outs in one operation creating a smooth finish which is soft to touch.

Weldbrush 500 

Our new Weldbrush has been a great addition to our finishing department, it has two main functions


Firstly this is a much quicker way to clean the discolouration off stainless steel welds and bring them back to a shiny finish. Secondly, it is possible to etch Logo’s, symbols and part numbers directly onto stainless steel.

WB500 - image.png


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